Sunday, February 26, 2017

Shinjuku pics

 DOCOMO Tower from shinjuku station

Par of the door to Isetan Department store, a survivor of air raids during the pacific war

 Find this on the street of shinjuku
At this point, the route from Nihonbashi diverges into two.

 Robot restaurant

 On the way to the Samurai Museum
Billboards of host members are a sign to the museum.

 Looks fun.

Lost in translation building from the observation floor of the metropolitan gov. building

Cocoon building 

Friday, February 24, 2017

KUSAMA Yayoi exhibition @ National Art Center, Tokyo

This is a large-scale exhibition now held in Roppoingi, Tokyo. The exhibition opened at an equally colossal national art museum which does not have permanent collection but borrows artworks of significance for the exhibits. 

The Roppongi area is fun for a stroll. Once samurai warrior-clans' grand Edo residences stood here. Now Edo is gone and instead called Tokyo. Among the skyscrapers, legacies from the TOKUGAWA castle town remains, such as old gardens and shrines. After all, Tokyo, once called Edo, was where the Tokugawa headquarters was established. Confining the imperial members tightly in ancient capital Kyoto, the Tokugawa reigned the country freely based in Edo, with all the other feudal clan members under control and their lords showing allegiance to Tokugawa and staying in Edo regularly. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mountain & Sea seen at once

SAKURAJIMA mountains & KAIMONDAKE mountain look good with the sea.
They sour in Kagoshima, Kyushu.
SAKURAJIMA seen from a city view bus


Sunday, January 29, 2017


Try KIRISHIMA. Depending on the weather, you see something spectacular or nothing but fog and mist. Either way, the KIRISHIMA area where 20 some volcanoes sour are mind-cleansing. Ebino Kogen highland is a place for everybody with both easy and advanced courses available. This time no photos from the trekking. Easy trail but on a rainy day; hard to take pictures. But it almost stopped raining while visiting KIRISHIMA SHRINE. See a small shrine YAMA JINJA and magnificent cryptomeria trees on the shrine grounds which include hills behind the shrine buildings. 
 And nearby Maruo waterfall
This is onsen hot spring waterfall. Warm!

Saturday, January 28, 2017


The outdoor part of the museum is particularly refreshing. Including Jonnasan Borofsky's, site specific artworks are dotted on the premises. Inside in the Art Hall are exhibited works done by world-famous artists and local artists. Amazing collection but taking a stroll out on the grounds and visiting the artworks on the way will be fun for everybody regardless of interest in art. 

KIRISHIMA natural settings are beautifully presented but more efforts should be done by the Kagoshima prefectural government whose affiliate started the project of building this. Unlike Benesse islands in the seto inland sea whose evolution has been driven by someone powerful like Mr. Fukutake, this art museum does not grow. Or so does it not seem.
But if you are an art and nature lover, KIRISHIMA where this museum lies is a spiritual and inspiring place. Hiking around or even climbing one of 20 or so peaks should not be missed. Along with local legends and Japanese mythology surrounding these mountains you will come to touch with ancient Japan.
Forest Observatory; shadows of the trees surrounding the installation create this silhouette.

Monday, January 23, 2017

NOZAKI residence, the largest of this kind I've ever seen

It was more than ten years ago that I first came here as part of the four. I do not remember how the tour was and how the travelers liked the house. Come to think of it this time, however, the house is huge. Now there's a street called JEANS STREET near the house. People must come to the house and take a stroll along the Jeans street where jeans and other denim goods are on sale. Nice destination. 
 The garden is well maintained and grand

 So many rooms

 42 meters from this end to the other end
Room after room !!

 Funny animal in the garden 
Must be BIZEN ware, since it's a local pottery in Okayama.

 Lovable guy in the garden, also BIZEN 

 Clean, peaceful, and pastoral

 All storehouses !!

The NOZAKI family prospered as a very wealthy merchant family and dealt with salt making, for one thing.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stay overnight in TESHIMA and you will love it

Majority of people just go to NAOSHIMA and leave. But think twice and stay longer. Both TESHIMA and INUJIMA give you different experiences from NAOSHIMA. Since you've come this far, do not leave so soon. One or two nights in NAOSHIMA and two or even three nights in TESHIMA so that you can be in TESHIMA at sunset and sunrise and can go to INUJIMA and come back. Now there are at least two ways you can stay overnight in TESHIMA, whether at LEMON HOTEL or an islander's private home which accepts visitors. Both will be unforgettable for you. Maybe you should try both. In TESHIMA, you will enjoy art, food, walking, hiking, and riding a bike in beautiful settings. Community bus will not be so convenient but riding a bike in the island is so much fun, more so than in NAOSHMA. you will rent an electric bike because some part of the roads in TESHIMA are steep. That's why the scenery is fantastic from the hill. It's also fun to take a stroll around LEMON HOTEL. I did it early in the morning and saw the sun rise. Walking along the terraced rice field with the sun rising cleansed my soul. Hiking up DANYAMA hill will be a good challenge and gives you fantastic views of the Seto Inland Sea. These are the memories that you will cherish for a very long time to come. 

 Fresh Strawberries in crepe, yum!

Try TESHIMA DRY, orange, strawberry, or tomato


 BY female artist SHIOTA: further memory


 LEMON HOTEL bathroom

LEMON HOTEL before dawn

 Lemons at LEMON HOTEL


 Sunrise and an outdoor artwork